Monday, October 31, 2011

THANKSGIVING'S Arrival . . .the celebrations continue . . .

Good day, another fine day after Halloween's ghosts & goblins have retired for the year, allowing other

characters to arise.   Soon Tom the Turkey will be playfully running bye.... Ah thanks giving is a time for

friends Supplies locator info& family to cherish the years harvest. From the origional thanksgiving  day , many have celebrated this time of

year as a Family tradition,  feasting on turkeys, ham, with a variety of vegtables , corn being harvested allows

the cornmeal to be whipped up into bread & many other varieties of wholesome foods.  Thanksgiving is

celebrated around the world in many ways.  We will continue with the variety of Thanksgiving cultural

celebrations in the nexxt edition.  Till then enjoy the holidays, & keep tracking back for the next edition.

For those who travel over the holidays compare or may be able to assist !!!
                                            HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!

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