Friday, October 28, 2011

Rush of the Holidays ! ! ! relax, n enjoy . . .


With the holidays around the corner, many seam to be eagerly awaiting the passing of the Holidays; they just

want to enjoy the New Years Party !!!  As for what, their waiting for, not sure ?  maybe,the passing of the

 cold bitter weather, maybe?  Yet they do keep busy working & letting each day Pass (like in the Days of

our Lives) awesome TV show.  HOWEVER so strange to be waiting these people enjoy each day, passing

each other on the trechorous roads, occasionally hand signaling each other, out of shear frustration.    yet,

they remember the holidays of years gone bye.  The crackling of the fire, warm meals by the fire with dear

warm hearted friends & Family.  Reminds me of the Brockton Ski club.  As a family, we would travel north

to North Conway, New Hampshire; where you would arrive to the ski club ; 1st one has to get ready for

more arrivals.  Starting the fire to warm the club (which would be chilly without vacationers like ourselfs, or

other members of the club.   Although this joyous occasion at the ski club was yearound adventure.  Skiers

during the winter,  fisherman/woman during summer months many  fisher kids... Have always enjoyed

catching trout in the Saco river , everything does slow down or end at some point.  Yet every Year we

always keep the faith in ourselfs & each other.  That is the spirit of the Holidays !!!

                                              HO HO HO  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL . . .

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