Monday, October 31, 2011

Another season brings happiness to all.  Welcome, we are enjoying a sunny day in New england (hope you too are having a good day !!!)  As we all agree, holidays are a hectic time of year. wanted to inform you of new shopping located @ ,  , or  can,t forget or even
All of these are part of the Family of Regional Blogs .... HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!

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Your Web of Dreams ! ! !

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THANKSGIVING'S Arrival . . .the celebrations continue . . .

Good day, another fine day after Halloween's ghosts & goblins have retired for the year, allowing other

characters to arise.   Soon Tom the Turkey will be playfully running bye.... Ah thanks giving is a time for

friends Supplies locator info& family to cherish the years harvest. From the origional thanksgiving  day , many have celebrated this time of

year as a Family tradition,  feasting on turkeys, ham, with a variety of vegtables , corn being harvested allows

the cornmeal to be whipped up into bread & many other varieties of wholesome foods.  Thanksgiving is

celebrated around the world in many ways.  We will continue with the variety of Thanksgiving cultural

celebrations in the nexxt edition.  Till then enjoy the holidays, & keep tracking back for the next edition.

For those who travel over the holidays compare or may be able to assist !!!
                                            HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Holiday Season begins !!! relax & enjoy .....

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Happy Halloween !!! Don't let bed bugs bite you Tonight !!!

Another Cold brrrrrr----rrrrr Night in New England ......... Snow falling , Temperature falling, its a great day for a new england snow storm. Hang on to your skis & Poles were going fo a ride Tonight ...... Watch out for the snow sking Ghosts & Goblins .....

Tis the Season for Travel ....

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Happy Halloween !!! Don't let bed bugs bite you Tonight !!!

Another Cold brrrrrr----rrrrr Night in New England ......... Snow falling , Temperature falling, its a great day for a new england snow storm. Hang on to your skis & Poles were going fo a ride Tonight ...... Watch out for the snow sking Ghosts & Goblins .....

Now that the ghosts n Goblins have all retreated for the season; we can begin travelling with nofear from those characters.  view for your travel information... part of the family of blogs      WTM



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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Seasons Blog !!!  pls rt


Wanted to inform everyone, according to the Boston,  Globes friday oct 28,2011 edition weshould not worry of a repeat recession !



Well girls & boys , Halloween is around the corner, so get your Pumpkins ready, sharpen the knifes, edge those digging spoons FOR YOU BETTER BE READY FOR the Ghosts & Goblins will be visiting you thisa Year !!!

Remember to rake those leaves up , so you can stuff another scare crow for your Yard.   Before you know it the holiday season has arrived. Get all your shopping done before the crowds begin, better yet visit our blogs, they provide a wide range of items.      & manymore ... enjoy your holidays !!! 

Rush of the Holidays ! ! ! relax, n enjoy . . .


With the holidays around the corner, many seam to be eagerly awaiting the passing of the Holidays; they just

want to enjoy the New Years Party !!!  As for what, their waiting for, not sure ?  maybe,the passing of the

 cold bitter weather, maybe?  Yet they do keep busy working & letting each day Pass (like in the Days of

our Lives) awesome TV show.  HOWEVER so strange to be waiting these people enjoy each day, passing

each other on the trechorous roads, occasionally hand signaling each other, out of shear frustration.    yet,

they remember the holidays of years gone bye.  The crackling of the fire, warm meals by the fire with dear

warm hearted friends & Family.  Reminds me of the Brockton Ski club.  As a family, we would travel north

to North Conway, New Hampshire; where you would arrive to the ski club ; 1st one has to get ready for

more arrivals.  Starting the fire to warm the club (which would be chilly without vacationers like ourselfs, or

other members of the club.   Although this joyous occasion at the ski club was yearound adventure.  Skiers

during the winter,  fisherman/woman during summer months many  fisher kids... Have always enjoyed

catching trout in the Saco river , everything does slow down or end at some point.  Yet every Year we

always keep the faith in ourselfs & each other.  That is the spirit of the Holidays !!!

                                              HO HO HO  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL . . .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Good day everyone...

well another day brings more good news for those who have been following this site.

A nice day it is. At least in new england we are fortunate in the northern areas

not to have any rain at this time. The new fronteer may be technology, at least for

me it is. There is a learning curve in any endevor. Today we begin our daily grind,

updating , learning many new inovative ways to grow with new technology; join em

experience what our inovators have created. Imagine the surprise Steve Jobs would

have been, with so many new sales of his inovative Technolgy. Hats - off to a JOB well

done. " EARN, BADGE OF HONOR thnkyou !!!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

with the leaves turning colors, we have many visitors traveling our roads in the

Great State; so be curtious and let them enjoy the cool weather were enjoying travelling

the mountain and velleys we have. If youve been fortunate too travel interstate I89 it

will bring you to the norther parts of New Hampshire, bordering Vermont. It is a

pleasant ride with colorful leaves and awesome vies. If you have the chance stop for

gasoline @ mobil, they offer coffee , juices, deli & more. As you leave the parking lot

bear left , go under I89 and you will find a rest area along the brook. Relax, they have

picnic tables , giving you time to rest, the kids can walk the flowing brook, enjoying all

of natures beauty.

  • Enjoy the Holiday Season ! ! !

Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Welcome to your Halloween Blog BOO !!!!

Remember to close all the windows the boogiman & woman are out Tonight !!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

Drive to your neighbors if your Scared !!!!! Kick down the back barn doors ..............

Get ready for one  scary Night ...............

Don't let the bed Bugs Bight you Tonight !!!!!!!!!!


Ahh  Scream  !!!!!!   look behind you oops forgot above ya sorry   !!!!!