Saturday, October 29, 2011

Holiday Season begins !!! relax & enjoy .....

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Happy Halloween !!! Don't let bed bugs bite you Tonight !!!

Another Cold brrrrrr----rrrrr Night in New England ......... Snow falling , Temperature falling, its a great day for a new england snow storm. Hang on to your skis & Poles were going fo a ride Tonight ...... Watch out for the snow sking Ghosts & Goblins .....

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  1. Well we have a great day for sledding in New England, many children have the day off , So get your sleds waxed an go to your favorite sledding area. Remember to put on xtra clothing so the snow doesn't slide under your sleves, I use to put a rubberband on the end of each sleve , so I would not get any snow in the sleaves, yet ask your parents where you can go sledding Today !!!