Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tis the Season for Travel ....

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Happy Halloween !!! Don't let bed bugs bite you Tonight !!!

Another Cold brrrrrr----rrrrr Night in New England ......... Snow falling , Temperature falling, its a great day for a new england snow storm. Hang on to your skis & Poles were going fo a ride Tonight ...... Watch out for the snow sking Ghosts & Goblins .....

Now that the ghosts n Goblins have all retreated for the season; we can begin travelling with nofear from those characters.  view for your travel information... part of the family of blogs      WTM

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  1. Glad all enjoyed Halloween; Now we begin another festive celebration ( THANKSGIVING) As we know we give thanks for our harvest of the year. Then we move forward to Christmas, & New Year. Either celebration is a joyous time for All to celebrate.